The challenges of our time

The field of activity of an engineer is certainly no longer just a by-product of the planning process. The cost of building services engineering already accounts for well over 30% of the total cost. 

Rising energy costs are also a major challenge for building operators, and if savings are made in these areas during the planning process, this translates into direct cash savings for the operator in the long run.

It is a case of finding a balanced way to ensure the utilization of technology through pragmatic approaches – even without technical facility management.  Our goal is to optimize both manufacturing costs and consequential costs. 

Growing energy and environmental awareness and rising energy prices are increasingly changing the valuation standards of real estate. With these increasing requirements, the requirements for technical building equipment are also increasing.

Our concept

Well thought-out cross-trade planning as well as coordination and the optimized interaction of all trades contribute to the emergence of energy-efficient plant systems, which is why the trades sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as building automation now also belong to our scope of planning.

True to our motto: "As much technology as necessary, but as little as possible", we develop innovative, flexible, sustainable and energy-efficient technical solutions.

The perfect coordination of all trades contributes to the emergence of energy-efficient plant systems, which is why from the beginning the focus is on cross-system well thought-out planning as well as the optimized interaction of all trades and plant components.

Which is why from the beginning the focus is on cross-system well thought-out planning as well as the optimized interaction of all trades and plant components.

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With Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH my dream became reality. Each day renews my enthusisasm for our colleagues and the brilliant projects. Your recommendations is our greatest endorsement!

Dr. Peter Burnickl


Intuitive systems are a basic requirement for efficient operation of a building. High demands for specific requirements for complex media technology facilities need to be met.

For example, the monitor in a conference room should be able to be operated by anyone without the help of a facility manager.  Time settings of lighting and blind control systems should be adjustable by facility managers alone – without cost-intensive, external building services.  The intuitive systems are now easy to implement, and are a must for modern buildings.

Pragmatic approaches to planning are therefore vital.  Increasing complexity is not always the right way to go (in fact, less is often better).  Because of safety engineering in accordance with building regulations, documented energy saving regulations, zero to passive energy buildings, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Nachhaltiges Bauen-Zertifizierung und CO2-Einsparungsprogramme (German Organization for sustainable building certification, and CO2 reduction programs), complex technologies often replace simple ones.     

Sometimes additional control systems are necessary.  Often the user does not even want all of this, and high manufacturing and maintenance costs are generated for the operator. 

The challenge is to minimize these costs by means of pragmatic approaches.

Sustainability and innovations

Holistic building systems are necessary for making the individual systems easier to use.  Heating and ventilation systems can be connected to electrical bus bar systems and building management systems in simple ways, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Innovative systems must be tested with care.  High demands are now being placed on the technology of modern buildings – not least through the everyday use of iPhones and other state-of-the-art technical devices.  However, carefully chosen technical highlights will make your building a memorable experience for users and visitors alike.

Let us demonstrate our expertise – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Qualifications of employees

Each of our employees has completed higher education and continues the appropriate training to meet the complex requirement of our work!

Continuous further training in the field of safety technology is a matter of course for us.

All general managers are certified as planner specialists for fire and voice alarm systems DIN 14675. The topic of fire protection often remains neglected.

The topic of fire protection often remains neglected.

We work hand in hand with experts and include them beginning with the first performance phases of the project.  Thus, we can consult with fire protection experts to make sure that all safety equipment is incorporated.

Certification ISO 50001 / EMAS

Electricity tax abatements according to the Energie- und Stromsteuergesetz (Energy and Electricity Tax Law) are a very challenging hurdle. We are partners with certifying entities and collaborate and lead you through IS 50001 or Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Certification to lower your costs.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB) – (German Organization for Sustainable Building) is a step in the path to the sustainability of buildings.

These certifications represent an elaborate as well as complex and partially cost-effective possibility to the building owner for building sustainability.  Our DGNB membership affords us the ability to support your projects and minimize the certification cost.

Building service process with diviations

Internal company quality management templates and checklists automatically detect addendums and edit them without incident!

Structured project processing

Our consistent use of AVA-tools (Tendering Procurement Settlement-Tool) problems in the process can be avoided!

Management during disruptions 

  1. Occurrence of disruption in planning or building process
  2. Facts will be determined by the General Manager of Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH
  3. Discussions among general manager/general contractor/customer will take place
  4. General Manager at Burnickl Ingenieur GmbH will analyze the disruption
  5. Solution and repair of disruption will be explained to the client