We supervise versatile projects: From public buildings, such as schools and clinics, to office buildings and special buildings. One construction project for which we are known far beyond our own industry is the electrical planning of the ESO Supernova Planetarium in Garching.

Public buildings

Fürstenfeldbruck, Modernisation of AOK-Business Office

Client: AOK Bayern, Dachau
Architect: Hafenmayer Architecture, Ingenried
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept
Completion: 2014
Project Data: Modernisation of energy and fire protection technology ​
Gross Floor Area: 4.800 m²


The unique feature of this project was the renovation of the energy and electro technic features of the existing building during regular operation. Therefore, during the process a safe and comfortable work environment had to be provided for the employees at this AOK location.

Due to the constantly increasing requirements regarding fire protection, a retrofit of the safety-lighting layout was completed. The existing fire alarm was expanded in such a way that a comprehensive monitoring system now exists for the entire building, including all areas between ceilings.

Erlangen, Expansion of South Campus (VOF)

Client: Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nuremberg
​Architect: Karl + Probst, Munich
Electrical- | News- | Media technology |
Lightingconcept| Material Handling Systems
Concept and Plan: started 01/2014
Project data: 6 buildings
Approx. 400 apartments, new communal building


The Erlangen-Nuremberg student union runs an existing housing complex with seven buildings on the South Campus. Following an architectural competition, six further buildings with a total of 400 student apartments will now be built, plus a communal building.

In the competition particular significance was attached to energy-related measures. It is important, therefore, to strike a balance between innovation, energy savings and cost.

Gilching, New Building, Community Center (VOF)​

Client: Gilching Municipal Council
Architect: Prof. Teppert, Munich / MRB Architects, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Mediatechnology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Concept and plan: starting 05/2014
Completion: 2016
Total floor area: 11,000m²


A zero-energy building with fixed budget was the specification in this VOF procedure. The community center in Gilching with four floors is built on a piece of undeveloped land with a surface area of approximately 12,000m2.

The large function hall on the ground floor, as well as meeting room on the upper floor, are equipped with state-of-the-art media technology. Central data processing units enable events to be transmitted via a redundant network.

Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Renovation, Clubhouse, and New Building, Double Sports Hall

​Client: Municipal Council of the city of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
Architect: Kuehnlein Architektur, Berching
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2014
Total floor area: 2,500m²


Diversity is most certainly present in good measure in this project, which involves not only a clubhouse – different users with varying needs are involved.  Requirements include, for example, a theater stage equipped with media technology and a catering area.

E-mobility charging stations are already widespread in Neumarkt i.d. Opf., and this construction project is also intended to respond to the rise of electrical vehicles.

Nuremberg, General Renovation at Friedrich-Alexander University Faculty Economics and Social Sciences

​Client: State Building Department Erlangen-Nuremberg
Architect: Baum-Kapler Architects
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2019
Total area: 25,000m²
Processing phase: 1-9


For the Faculty WiSo a generally basic renovation was required. In our case this meant the planning of lighting and security technology.

A particularly extensive fire protection concept was required for this project.

A seamless and precise planning was necessary for this facility to prevent the interruption of normal operations.

Conversion and renovation of student housing at Alexandrium (VOF), Erlangen​

Client: Student union of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Architect: Scherzer-Kalau Architects
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems | Information|Security 
Completion: 2018
Total Area: approx. 6,800m²
Processing phase: 1-9


We were able to obtain the project for the conversion and renovation of the Alexandrium Student Housing Building in Erlangen by using VOF Technology and Team “Alex.” 

The student housing facility is renovated according to the Energy Saving Standard of 2016.  Most of all long-term cost--effective use of the building is of the utmost importance to our client.

The five-level building includes an auditorium for multi-purpose use and several common rooms. This general renovation will yield single apartments and living groups with a modern flair. 

Bamberg, Digital Incubator Client: IGZ Bamberg  

Architect: UMArchitekt Bamberg, Ulrich Manz
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology Completion: 2018
Gross floor area: approx. 2,200 m²
Performance phase: 1 - 9


As a combined old and new building, the Digital Business Incubator with a total floor space of approx. 2200 square meters is to be built on the conversion site in Bamberg.  

In addition to individual office cubicles, which attach great importance to the possibility of flexible use to suit every tenant, "Coworking Spaces" and "Recreation Areas" serve as open workspaces in which different companies work together and thus learn and profit from each other can. This is realized with an open installation and a LED lighting in a profile that can be executed according to the needs of the user.

Würzburg, Center for Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis with Boron (ICB)

Client: Staatliches Bauamt Würzburg
Architect: Schuster Pechtold Schmidt Architects
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 4th quarter 2020
Gross floor area: approx. 16,000 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9


As a new building, a laboratory building for ICB is to be built on Campus South in Würzburg. The special are the laboratory areas with boron, laser spectro and synthesis laboratory. To meet the safety requirements, a fire alarm system, a safety lighting system and a class 3 lightning protection system mixed with class 2 are required.

As a special challenge, we see the connection of the new building to the existing chemical building. Due to synergy effects with an existing building, its power supply / emergency power supply as well as media connections can be used.

Emmering, renovation Amperhalle

Client: Municipality Emmering
Architect: Architekturbüro Winzinger GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Telecommunications- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 2,356 m²
Performance phase: 1 - 9


A refurbishment with small extensions was completed within a short time for the general Sports company implemented in the Amperhalle.   A large shooting range and a catering kitchen were integrated.

Ballproof LED lighting, area-wide fire alarm system and a central Safety lighting completes the refurbishment.   Due to existing supply bottlenecks, the energy supply was completely renewed.

Pielenhofen, renovation Klosterstadl

Client: Municipality Pielenhofen
Architect: Kühnlein Architecture, Berching
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Concept and planning: 05/2014 - 09/2017
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 750 m²
Performance phase: 2 - 8


Klosterstadl Pielenhofen is a building in the center of the marketplace. The building was used as a storage place before the renovation by the building yard, this was completely refurbished and thereby the complete electrical installation was rebuilt.

The big challenge was to implement the electrical installation in the old-fashioned style while at the same time carrying out a modern version.  

Much of the planning was the installation of a fire alarm system, category 3 and most modern media technology in the multipurpose room.

Freystadt, extension and renovation of the Martini School

Client: Stadt Freystadt
Architect: Berschneider & Berschneider GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology | building automation
Completion: 2019 Gross floor area: 8,700 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9


The construction project, Martini-Schule in Freystadt` is going to be a complete refurbishment with new components the refectory / auditorium and several classrooms with marketplaces carried out. This is a primary and secondary school with open learning concept and many flexible Land use strategies.

For asset groups 4 and 5, we were additionally commissioned for asset group 8. As a particular challenge in this project, the most diverse electrotechnical systems in stock and the implementation of the reconstruction measures in the current Operation dar.

Another aspect is the very elongated structure in which it is both the electricity and EDP ​​supply depends on the right distribution concept with decentralized locations.

Pölling, New Building of a residential complex with 14 flats

Project manager: Hochbauamt Neumarkt, Mr.Beygang
Architect: Knychalla + Team Architects and City planner GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2016
Gross floor area: 1,502 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9


In Neumarkter district Pölling a residential house with 14 apartments in various size cuts was created.   The L-shaped condominium was after DIN 18015 planned and erected.

Especially in public areas, such as stairwells and partially corridors, attention has been paid to measures to control energy producers for optimum energy efficiency in the form of LED technology and motion detectors.

The 3-storey residential complex with a floor space of more than 960 m² has 2 staircases. To ensure the fire protection were uncrosslinked smoke detectors gem. DIN 14676 with 9 V block batteries installed.


Erlangen, refurbishment 2-fold sports hall and new building 2-fold sports hall in the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium

Client: City of Erlangen
Architect: Architekturbüro Rainer Eis
Electric- | Information- | Conveyor- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology  
Concept and planning: from 07/2017
Gross floor area: 3,500 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9



This project by the City of Erlangen concerns the refurbishment of an existing 2-fold sports hall and the subsequent construction of a 2-fold sports hall as an extension to the Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium in Erlangen. In addition to the power plants, the contents of the electrical planning also include the telecommunications and information technology facilities as well as conveyor systems.  

Special attention during the planning is the dimensioning of the plant components of the renovation, so that the later new building can also be supplied without much effort.

Furthermore, the connection of the safety equipment in the existing building, such as fire alarm system and emergency lighting, part of the planning.   The new building will be designed as a meeting place. From an energetic point of view, a photovoltaic system is being set up.

Special structures

Regensburg, new publishing building for Gruppe Mittelbayrischer Verlag KG

Client: M-Immo GmbH, Regensburg
Architect: Steidle Architekten, Munich​
Electrical- | News- | Media technology |Lightingconcept | 
Material Handling System | Interactive newsroom​
Completion: April 2013
Gross floor area: 12,400m²


The basic work concept, which reflects the essentials of people in their communication environment, marks this new building. A state-of-the-art, interactive newsroom is its central element.

It has already set a new standard in the publishing industry. Dr. Burnickl himself developed the total electrical planning project for this building and successfully implemented it. 

Award-winning Architect: Steidle Architekten Gesellschaft von Architekten und Stadtplanern mbH, Munich

Garching, ESO Supernova Planetarium & Vistor Centre

​Customer: HITS gGmbH – das Forschungsinstitut der Klaus Tschira Stiftung
Client: European Oragnisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO)
Planning and Visualisation: Architekten Bernhard + Partner, Darmstadt
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Building characteristics: gross area: 30,262m² / gross business area: 7,314m² / net area: 4,4884m²


Parametric building model - the successor of 3D. The new construction of the Supernova in Garching was an exceptional challenge.

​A classic distribution of floor levels and sub-areas are not possible, due to the unconventional architecture.  A 3D-Model is mandatory. Changes of sub-areas would end up with serious consequences. For that reason, the building was rendered in parametric fashion.

Intuitive media technology is the specific focus.  Surfaces of the visualization are designed and developed without issues. The highest priority is the use of this complex building system without technical assistance.

Munich, Extension Hotel Angelo and New Construction of Office and Retailspace with Parking Garage, Leuchtenbergring 20

​Client: Muenchner Grund Immobilien Buatrager AG
Customer: IBS Plaungsgesellschaft Haustechnik mgH, Germering
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2018
Gross area: 33,407m²
UG Parking Garage: 385 parking spaces


The existing Hotel Angelo in the city area Haidhausen/Bogenhausen of Munich will have an addition of 131 guest rooms. Immediately next to the existing hotel, a new building with six levels housing offices will be erected.

The office spaces will be connected to three corridors of stair cases and elevators (lifts). The individual offices will be customized for the future tenants according to their requirements, including size of units. 

In addition to the office spaces, there will be retail units on the ground floor.

Munich, New Building P01 Munich, Schwabing West

​Client: Projektgesellschaft Petra-Kelly-Strasse mgH, Munich
Architect: S.A.A.Plantech GmbH, Munich / Steidle Architekten, Munich
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2016
Gross floor area: 14,000m²


The main wing extends over five full floors and a two-story underground car park. The square building with inner courtyard extends over three full floors and offers space for private luxury apartments with generous roof terraces or garden space.

The green character of the inner courtyard, which is protected from the outside noise, is underscored by integrated lighting elements.

Our 3D lighting simulations served as a basis for decision making in the choice of interior and exterior lighting for buyers and tenant.

Munich, New Building Twin Yards

​Client: Top Office Munich GmbH, Munich
​Architects: S.A.M. Plantech GmbH, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept
Completion: 2015
Gross floor space: 18,000m²


The LEED- and DGNB-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Nachhaltiges Bauen) building is being integrated in the Parkstadt (“Park City”) of Schwabing quarter, which has many new buildings.

3D lighting simulations were produced as a demonstration of artificial light calculations. In addition to this, the 3-D model, as a whole, helps to support the client in the decision-making process. 

The requirements related to certification are reflected in all the areas of work involved. In lighting, therefore, only lamps with color rendering of at least 90% are used.

Nuremberg, Renovation, Emergency Control Center, Nuremberg

​Client: NuernbergerMesse GmbH, Nuernberg​
Architects: Rosner Architekten, Nuremberg
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completions: 2014
Gross floor area: 2,500m²


Conversions of existing buildings are not unusual at NuernbergMesse. In this project, however, this is a major task. The emergency control center of the site is being integrated into this project, with the involvement of various users, including the police with its own detention cell. 

The complex work associated with connecting to and supplementing existing systems forms the framework of our assignment.

The standards of NuernbergMesse are being implemented without difficulty using our modern CAD and AVA tools, and guarantee the client uninterrupted documentation and comprehensive modification of existing records.

Munich, New Building Administration Building

​Client: KIB Projekt GmbH, Nuremberg
​Architects: Steidle Architekten, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2015
Gross floor area: 15,560m²


Two different units for allocation. The two units of the building were commissioned by two different clients, calling for a subdivision into various areas.  Thanks to our CAD and AVA tools, costs can easily be divided in a transparent manner.

The lightning protection system was planned in such a way that subsequent installation of a photovoltaic system can be realized without difficulty.

The possible roof areas were defined so as to avoid any necessary alteration to safety technology.


Client: City Objekte Muenchen GmbH
​Architects: Goetz Hootz Castoph Architekten + Stadplaner GmbH​
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2016
Gross Floor Area: 21,100 m²


A typical urban landmark was built at the Friedenheimer Bridge. The architecture of the certified building speaks for itself.

The equipment of the TRIKOT OFFICE is always focused on sustainability. It also fulfills the specific desires of the company representatives while it is practical, efficient and versatile in every detail. 

The flexible conference rooms for all tenants is a cost-effective alternative to each maintaining their own room.

Nuremberg, New Building, Conference Building oft he Isrealitische Kultusgemeinde, Nuremberg

​Client: Israelitische Kultusgemeinde K.D.oe.R., Nuremberg
​Architects: K. Rosner Architekten, Nuremberg
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2015
Gross area: 1,100m²


The expansion of the conference building of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde in Nuremberg is to become the central element of the building complex. The new extension will comprise a large conference room for approximately 280 people.

The entire lighting system is being implemented in LED technology to facilitate the use of particularly unobtrusive and minimalistic strip lights and minimize energy requirements. 

In addition, the new building will contain various conference, prayer, and office rooms that allow for flexible use.

Nuremberg, Modernization, Gastronomy, Business, and Medical Lounge, Nuremberg

​Client: NuernbergerMesse GmbH, Nueremberg
​Architects: Rosner Architekten, Nuremberg
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2015
Gross floor area: 1,480m²


The central employee casino of NuernbergMesse is to undergo comprehensive modernization. In addition, a catering and VIP areas were created.

Connection for variable press boxes using IT connection facilities, etc. are equally essential as comprehensive WLAN coverage with the standards of NuernbergMesse GmbH.

The conversion, expansion, and relocation of safety technology, including fire alarm and emergency lighting systems were implemented by us in coordination with external experts during the planning and construction phases.

Berlin, housing Giselastraße 36

Client: Gisela 36 Wohnungsbau GmbH & Co.KG
Electric | | Information | Media | Security | Lighting and conveyor technology
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 4,270 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 8


The ecologically high-quality and high-quality planning of this new construction of a residential complex in the center of the capital Berlin was extremely exciting. There were 39 rental apartments and 1 commercial unit. The building has a basement with underground parking with 20 parking spaces.

​Here great importance was placed on the emergency lighting. In order to be able to comply with the headroom, extra recesses were created for the LED lights.

When setting up the technical rooms, a detailed planning of the fire protection concept was necessary. The apartments have been standardized to ensure a faster planning process.

Munich, New Building, Exclusive Condominiums​

Client: Town House Munich GmbH, Munich
Architects: S.A.M. Plantech, Munich
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Lightning technology
Completion: 2014
Gross Floor area: 1,700m²


Five exclusive maisonettes and two penthouse apartments with large outside areas. One of the most unusual effects in the south of Munich is the almost imperceptible transition from urban street scape to rural idyll.

Well-conceived planning of electrical and communication systems places the apartment in the desired luxury segment. Cable clutter at the internet router is a thing of the past.

Klinik Kösching, new construction of the maternity hospital

Client: Clinics in the Nature Park Altmühltal GmbH
Architect: Architects Golling
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 605.33 m²
Performance phase: 2 - 8


The new construction of the maternity clinic will be built on an existing building. The plant is completely supplied by the existing building. There are two new delivery rooms, three examination rooms, a relaxation bath and a nurses' base with a waiting room.  

Two new distributions will be built in this new building. These are responsible for safety and general care. The fire alarm system, the telephone system, the security lighting and all other equipment are adapted to the existing system.

All protective devices and important equipment are reported in case of faults via building control systems.

Regensburg, new construction of a storey apartment building and extension of an underground car park

Client: Tobias Person Roehl, Dornierstraße
Architect: Gebauer Wegerer Wittmann Architects BDA 
Electrical- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology | Materials handling
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 1,682 m²
Performance phases: 2 - 8


The planning included the construction of six apartments with extension of the existing underground car park, which will be designed as a central garage. In the planning and implementation, great attention was paid to sustainability, as well as the apartments.

Since the apartments are owned by the client and are not for sale, the ELT installation was planned and built to a very high standard of equipment.

This ensures, on the one hand, a very high degree of flexibility and, on the other hand, the specifications for compliance with sound insulation between the apartments. A through-loader lift connects the underground in which the underground car park is located, to the 2nd floor.

Dachau, House of Encounter

Client: Viktoria von Butler Foundation
Architect: Architectural Office Khuon
Electrical- | Lighting- | Media technology
Concept and planning: 05/2016
Completion: 06/2017
Performance phases: 2 - 5
Gross floor area: 800 m²


The object "House of Encounter" is a building that serves as a meeting place within the municipality Röhrmoos should serve for people with disabilities.

A bistro, a painting workshop, as well as rooms for lectures to the common meeting are in the House housed. In the field of media technology, a flexible complete system was implemented, which was designed for Conferences, as well as for social events can be used.

One of the consistently, architecturally appealing lighting system gives the visitors both in the indoor and in the outdoor area an exceptional well-being.

Dachau, Haus Vinzenz  

Client: Viktoria von Butler Foundation
Architect: Architectural Office Khuon
Electrical- | Lighting- | information- | Security technology
Completion: 2019
Performance phases: 5 - 8
Gross floor area: 2,400 m²


In the town of Schönbrunn, north of Munich, another dormitory for people with disabilities is being built in the second construction phase.

The owner of this residence is the Viktoria von Butler Foundation, which has the task of supporting disadvantaged people.  

The entire 4-storey building was planned barrier-free and belongs to a network of three residential buildings. The main building houses three residential groups with residents' rooms as well as care and household rooms.

Munich-Ramersdorf, new construction of a residential and commercial building as well as an underground car park (VOF)

Client: GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft Munich GmbH
Architect: Bauer Kurz Stockburger & Partner, Munich
Electric- | Information- | Conveyor- | Media- | Lighting technology 
Concept and planning: 03/16 - 11/18
Completion: end of 2018
Gross floor area: 6,915 m² EOF-subsidized
Apartments: 3,520 m²
Freifinanced apartments: 2,570 m²
Freifinanzierte Gewerbe: 825 m²


We were able to win over the VOF procedure for the new construction project of GWG "Residential and commercial building with underground car park in Munich-Ramersdorf at Bad Schachener Straße 44-46".

An energy-efficient construction and a high quality of life and living is the focus of this construction project. With a lift with 5 stops, the floors can be reached.

The four-storey residential and commercial building includes 38 EOF-subsidized apartments and 53 privately financed apartments as well as privately-financed commercial units.

The commercial units consist of office and doctor's office areas. Thus, an affordable housing and living space is created in Munich. In addition, a one-storey underground car park with 79 parking spaces will be built.

Regensburg, Eilsbrunn project development

Client: Seger Wohnprojekte GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Photovoltaic- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2018
Gross floor area: 1,600 m²


In collaboration with Seger Wohnprojekte GmbH, eight individual dream lofts were built in the oldest inn in the world (Bierkeller der Röhrlbräu). The historic beer cellar experienced the change to a residential building with eight large, loft-like apartments.

The charm of the building with its partially 120 cm thick walls is preserved. There was a general refurbishment, which is unparalleled in terms of the generosity of the rooms and their modern facilities.  

The BRAUEREILOFTS Eilsbrunn consist of a total of 8 residential units with 53 to 121 m² of living space plus generous terraces and balconies. The old beer cellar is built into a hillside.

Neumarkt i.d.Opf, new administration building

Client: Michael Klebl GmbH & Co.KG
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Concept and planning: from 04/2017
Performance phases: 2 + 3, 6 - 8


This project by Michael Klebl GmbH & Co.KG concerns the construction of a new administration building in Nürnberger-Str. in Neumarkt i.d.Opf.  

Before the work began, there was a dealership on this property, which had to be demolished first. Electrical planning includes power and information technology systems.   Particular attention was paid here to the later use of the building, which in the future by the Office of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Neumarkt i.d.Opf. is being used.  

Another part of the planning was the connection of the safety equipment such as fire alarm and security lighting system in the building, as well as in the adjacent underground car park.

Neumarkt i.d.Opf, new construction of 4 semi-detached houses, grain road Neumarkt

Client: BS Real Estate GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Photovoltaic- | Lighting- | Heating- | Ventilation- | Sanitary equipment
Completion: end of 2019


The planned development will close a vacant lot along Amberger Straße. The planning orientates itself urban-wise on the building stock of the grain road. There is a moderate re-densification of the neighborhood.  

In a compact and economical design, affordable, sustainable and KfW-eligible homes are being built there.  

​The construction is carried out in conventional, solid handcrafted solid construction according to the accepted rules of construction technology.  

As a result of the new construction of terraced and semi-detached houses, eight young families have a rare opportunity to acquire land in Neumarkt.

Munich, renewal of a BOS radio system Helmholtz Institute Munich

Client: Helmholtz Zentrum München GmbH, German Research  Center for Health and Environment, Neuherberg
Telecommunication and information technology systems
Special services: Radio field strength measurement and inventory
Concept and planning: 01/2016 - 06/2021
Completion: 06/2017 Performance phases: 1 - 9


The Helmholtz Zentrum München is the German research center for health and the environment. It investigates the emergence of widespread diseases in the context of environmental factors, lifestyle and individual genetic disposition, and develops new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

For the most part, the planning included a new BOS radio system (BOS = authorities and organization with security tasks). The construction involved a section of the Helmholtz Center.

These are radiocommunications of the authorities in emergency situations within certain frequency ranges outside public authorizations. A major challenge was the implementation of the measure in the ongoing research operation.

Areas that had to rely on radiation and virus protection for research had to be treated with particular care. Work could only be carried out here by close collusion and after passing through clean room locks.

Beilngries, Rohmann construction office building

Client: Rohmann Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH
Electric | | Information | Media | Security | lighting technology
Completion: July 2017
Gross floor area: 3,980m²


In this architecturally challenging project, a new administration building of Rohmann Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH was built.  

In close cooperation with the client, representative, modern office, training and meeting rooms were created.

Energy-efficient, flexible and sustainable solutions led to an overall economic result with which the client can continue to grow.

Industrial buildings

Rosenheim, New Building Montagehalle Krones AG

​Client: Krones AG, Neutraubling
​Architects: Architektenbuero Haumann & Fuch, Traunstein
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2014
Gross floor areal: 4,500m²


The aim of the new building of the assembly plant is to concentrate the processes of production, logistics, and module assembly in a single location. Both timed and automated production units were installed to improve material flows and thereby reduced lead times. 

In accordance with the Krones standard, large glass panels and skylights allow large amounts of daylight into the interior. The work lighting consists of energy-saving, antiglare, and – with sufficient daylight – automatically dimmed lights.

Waldkraiburg, New Building and Plant Expansion

​Client: SGF Sueddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg
​General planer: COPLAN AG, Eggenfelden
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2016
Gross floor area: 14,880m²


The task was to prepare the headquarters of the successful automotive supplier for the future by means of a five-stage plant expansion.

A medium-voltage connection with the highest possible level of redundancy, together with separate transformers and emergency generator, guarantees safeguarding against power failure.

The entire IT infrastructure is to be revised and updated. Specially selected distribution locations make expansion and conversion possible at any time. This enables the client to benefit from our long-standing experience in the industry.

Munich, BMW Werk
1.10, Emergency power supply 

​Client: BMW Group 
Electrical engineering | Information- | Lightingtechnique 
Completion: 2020 
Processing phase: 1 - 8 


At the headquarter of the BMW Group in Munich, the safety power supply systems in the assembly, body construction and production halls will be renewed.  

​Accordingly, we bring state-of-the-art security lighting, fire detection and alarm systems in the halls. 

For the purpose of proving and correctly designing the alarm system, we make noise level measurements in advance in each hall section. This enable us to ensure that the normative specifications and BMW standards are adhered to. 

Airport Munich 

Client: Flughafen München GmbH / Terminal 2 GmbH & Co oHG 
Techniqual equipment 
General agreement  



At Munich airport, we have a longterm general agreement of planning services and property supervision.  ​

​The results are enormously high requirements in the  field of safety engineering, so that a frictionless flight  operation is possible.

Regensburg, BMW plant6.10, building 41.2+6.90, 
automatic error detection (AFE) - transformer offset 

Client: BMW AG 
Description: Relocation S-Station and transformer on alternate surface 
Concept and plan: 07/2016 - 05/2017 
Completion: 12/2017 
Processing phase: 1 - 8 


At the factory in Regensburg, BMW AG is planning to expand the conveyor lines in the area of the paint shop. To do this, an existing 10 kV transformer station with associated switchgear had to be moved from the upper floor tp the lower ground. 

The main task was, in addition to the transportof the transformer weighing several tons, the guarantee of continuous production. For this purpose, a redundant feed-in was set up, which made it possible to switch off and move the transformer during production.  

After succesful re-commissioning of the transformer, the individual switchgears were built up gradually and the individual cables were moved within the production breaks, so that all machines could be kept in operation at all times.