Business areas

We are broadly positioned for all areas of technical building planning. Our service areas include electrical engineering including conveyor systems, air conditioning and ventilation technology, heating and sanitary engineering, renewable energies, building automation, media technology, lighting and building information modeling.

Versatile teams of experts work every day to achieve the best results for our clients. These include architects on request, as well as numerous experts for special requirements, such as the technical planning of electrical engineering for drinking water supply, ventilation concepts for hospitals or the power supply and cooling of data centers.

Thanks to a good structure and collaboration within the company, all locations can access the respective specialists.

Media technology


We are experts in the field of news, media and information technology.

We design your specific user concept for you, in order to use the existing possibilities as effectively as possible and to use innovative technologies at reasonable costs.

We do not only plan hardware … a comprehensive concept is our priority.  Together we create with you a usage concept which we adapt to your specific needs. Using decision templates, you decide what and how much you want to use.

Not high production costs, but a cost-optimized, innovative and intuitive media technology are our aspiration here. Our knowledge is always in demand, especially for outstanding, complex projects.


  • Intuitive media technology concepts
  • Conference Room Equipment
  • Video Conference Systems
  • Central Control Technology
  • Hearing induction loops
  • Determination of specific client hardware and hard and software requirements
  • Support und optimization, also after commissioning
  • Audio, Video and Broadcast Technology
  • Creation of individual user concepts  
  • Goal: user-friendly, intuitive systems

Photovoltaic Systems



Photovoltaic systems today are more than just the opportunity to earn easy money. Rather, a PV system is a sign of sustainability and a good image.

Our professional 3D-Simulations-tools provide the ability to optimize building-comprehensive systems, complex shade calculation elements and optimal wire-connectivity.  This will yield the best optimization for the whole system.

The so-called E-Mobility is increasing in importance. We have gathered diverse experience in this area.

Let us show you!

  • Professional 3D-Simulation Software
  • Shade calculations
  • Wiring diagrams for yield maximization
  • Completely neutral submission with description of functionalities
  • Complex, multibuilding simulations
  • Assessment of economic viability
  • Fire department-emergency shutdown
  • Sun path calculations
  • Photovoltaic- consumption for E-Mobility charging stations
  • Goal: maximum economic viability

Electrical Technology

KNX-bussystems und switchboards


We are experts in the field of electrical technology.

KNX Building Control connected to HVAC systems assures intuitive controls of entire equipment.

The planning of switchgears with a variety of transformers, emergency energy generators and uninterruptible power supply system layouts complete our knowledge.

  • Evaluation of existing network
  • Creation of schematics and floor plans
  • Support in approval planning
  • Training on local technical connection requirements for the fire alarm layout
  • Planning of compact stations
  • Layout of filter circuit systems
  • Testing of technical switching sequences
  • Support in public developments
  • Goal: maximal supply reliability

Safety Technology

Voice alarm / Fire detection system


Constant training in the field of security technology is a matter of course for us.

Furthermore, largely all project managers are certified specialist planners for fire detection and voice alarm systems according to DIN 14675

​The topic of fire protection is still often neglected. We work hand in hand with experts and integrate them into the projects during the first phases of the project.

​Thus, we can advise fire safety experts to set the system-specific safety devices specifically.

​Therefore we achieve cost certainty in the planning, as well as monetary advantages with the establishment, acceptance and maintenance.

  • Certified as per DIN 14675 (Voice Alarm Layout/Fire Alarm Layout)
  • Close collaboration with fire protection experts
  • Coordination with the respective fire department
  • Implementation of local technical requirements
  • Complex, multibuilding layouts
  • Goal: Certification of all project managers

Lighting Solutions

Daylight- and 3D-Simulations


We are experts in the field of lighting design.

3D-Simulations and renderings are as important to us as the live-evaluations in our lighting studio in Dachau.

There we verify the lighting measurements of the created simulations.

We will not use the lighting calculations of the lighting manufacturer. We “clean up” the Eulumdata of the different lights and normalize the performance, efficiencies, reflectance etc. Due to this we can assure a realistic simulation in our studio.

If you wish, we can install the lighting (and also furniture) in one of our lighting studios and thus prefer the sampling to the planning phases. This enables us to create realistic performance specifications and to maximize cost effectiveness.

  • Sampling and light measurements in our light studios
  • Daylight simulation
  • Light management systems (intuitive, energy-efficient, and optimized)
  • Daylight control systems
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Feature and special lighting
  • Mood lighting for better atmosphere
  • Assessment of life cycle as a whole
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Goal: lighting as an architectural element with a high light quality

Materials Handling Solutions

Profitability calculation


Material Handling Technology is a key area for us.

​We plan your plants consistently. You avoid interfaces and obtain an unbroken plan. In particular, building requirements for fire control systems and smoke extractions are indispensable.  Due to our expertise in security technology you can fully rely on our support.

  • Determination of lift capacity, cabin size and type of drive
  • Passenger lifts
  • Bed lifts
  • Hoists
  • Goods lifts
  • Emergency lifts for fire department personnel
  • Escalators and moving walkways
  • Calculation of economic viability regarding feeding back into the electrical grid
  • Goal: genuinely manufacturer-neutral submissions with low consequential costs

Light Spectroscopy

The visible part of our work.


A building must function and be architecturally appealing. Therefore, a large part of our technical installations must be as invisible as possible to the user. For this reason, lighting has a particularly high priority for us. We do not only want to plan the technology behind it by means of light management systems and daylight controls for example, but also make a real contribution through design. We want to deliver added value.

We use light spectroscopic measurements to analyze the quality of the illuminant and the light distribution. This enables us to make very precise light calculations and simulations and determine the economic efficiency.

Our architects create individual lighting concepts and 3D-renderings as a basis for the client's decisions. Our engineers ensure the interfaces for the building operation.


Building Information Modeling


For us BIM is not a problem, BIM is the future! 

Through our expertise and the appropriate software, we are well equipped for BIM future. The results of our Planning are modelled directly in a 3D-BIM-model by the architect and drawn. So any bottlenecks or collisions with other systems can be detected already in the early planning stages.

So, a rapid response and a solution to the problems that can be detected early, is guaranteed at all times. 

Also the 3D representation of the entire object allows the client a comprehensive representation of complex systems and rooms. 

  • Inserting the BIM based 3D model as IFC file by the architect in the project 
  • Overall planning in the BIM model 
  • Planning in the BIM standardization 
  • Calculations from the model (lines, wires, light calculations) 
  • Collection of all data and available for the Client

Heating Technology

Block-type termal power station


Today, resources can be used for more than just heat generation. With our experts planning combined heat and power systems (CHP), heat and electricity can be produced at the same time, using the same resources.

We plan plants, which are designed exactly for your needs and requirements.

  • Determination of usage and demand profiles  
  • Selection of CHP technology  
  • Planning of the operating and machinery concept  
  • Profitability,  energy and operating cost calculations  
  • Preparation of approval documents  
  • Assistance with the application process  
  • Optimization of the system during trial operation

Refrigeration Technology

Trigen / CCHP


At present, mainly electrically driven compression refrigerating machines with a high power requirement are used for cooling the building. Meanwhile, different techniques are available to meet the refrigeration needs. One possible alternative is provided by the thermally driven absorption chillers. Heat from district heating networks (centralized cogeneration), combined heat and power plants (decentralized combined heat and power) as well as waste heat from various, mostly industrial processes can be used as the driving energy. Our team of experts collects their usage and consumption profiles, plans and calculates the system technology exactly. 

  • Determination of usage and demand profiles 
  • Selection of CHP technology 
  • Selection of cooling generation, e. g. absorption chiller  
  • Planning of the operating and plant concept 
  • Profitability, energy and -operating cost calculations 
  • Preparation of approval documents assistance with the application 
  • Optimization of the system during trial operation

Air Conditioning

Optimized operating ventilation / air conditioning


We develop innovative, flexible, sustainable and energy-efficient technical solutions. With our modern planning tools (eg 3D-planning, BIM, thermal building simulation) we calculate and optimize the plant systems and components, optimize the air flow and ventilation efficiency and combined with the room and building automation creates efficient plant systems, comfort and cosiness in your building to ensure. 

Goal: Best possible comfort and comfort with maximum energy efficiency 

  • Determination of requirements, usage and demand profile 
  • Heating and cooling load calculation 
  • Thermal building simulation 
  • Calculation and dimensioning from 3D planning 
  • ErP or ecodesign-compliant system finding 
  • Presentation and calculation of system variants 
  • Profitability and energy costs 
  • Optimized secondary heating and cooling systems, such as cooling ceilings, cooling sails 
  • Selection of efficient heat recovery systems 
  • Consideration and the like geothermal heat exchangers, thermal component activation or free ventilation systems 
  • Fitting and sophisticated building and room automation 
  • Implementation of GA efficiency classes A, B or C 

Sanitary Technology

Drinking water quality


The responsible use of the precious resource of water is of special concern to us, which is why we pay close attention to the correct and water-saving installation of the drinking water pipes and fittings during planning and construction management, in addition to choosing the right material. It is important that only certified products for pipes, connectors and fittings are used in installations. The drinking water supply network will be calculated and planned exactly by our specialist planners so that drinking water hygiene and drinking water quality is guaranteed at all times. 

Building Automation

Planning tool TRIC


The requirements for room and building automation are becoming ever more extensive and complex. With the planning tool TRIC, we develop control diagrams, data point lists, device and cable lists from the symbol library. The symbols are assigned references with data points in accordance with VDI 3814, cable types and device classifications. We meet the increasing requirements for flexible room utilization concepts by using standardized actuators and sensors. 
Networking communication standards such as KNX, DALI, SMI, EnOcean and BACnet IP and their links according to VDI 3813. 


Arising from the plant schematics :

  • Rules Schemes and Data Point Lists 
  • Lists for sensors, actuators and cabling 
  • Data points for the automation stations 
  • Asset Tag Key (AKS) 
  • Topology of building and room automation 
  • Network representation for automation 
  • Cabinet representation

Room Automation

Energy efficiency classes A,B,C,D


Type and scope of room and building automation for energy efficiency classes A, B, C, D is defined in DIN EN 15232. We plan room automation across all trades with the focus on "minimum energy consumption with maximum comfort". The individual disciplines of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading merge to form a perfectly coordinated whole. We meet the increasing requirements for flexible room utilization concepts by networking actuators and sensors using standardized communication standards such as KNX, DALI, SMI, EnOcean and BACnet IP.

  • Definition of the energy efficiency class 
  • Development of user-specific operating concepts 
  • Development and planning of flexible room concepts 
  • Development and planning of the axis flexibility of rooms 
  • Planning of central functions for all trades 
  • Planning of room functions for shading 
  • Planning of room functions for lighting 
  • Planning of room functions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning 
  • Planning of room coordination functions